Photo: Åge Hojem, NTNU University Museum


Take a boat to fascinating Munkholmen this summer!

About Munkholmen

Munkholmen is an island in Trondheim Fjord, approximately 2 kilometres north of Trondheim. The island has a rich history, and has been used as an execution ground, monastery, fortress, prison and defence facility. Today, Munkholmen is a popular summer departure point for both city residents and visitors.

The island was formerly called Nidarholm, and was used during the Viking Age as a place for public executions. Here, the heads of Kark and Håkon Jarl Sigurdsson were placed on stakes to be mocked and spit upon after they had fallen during battle with Olav Tryggvason's men in 995. A few years later, one of Norway's first monasteries was built here. The monastery continued operating until the Reformation (1537), and is the reason why the island is named Munkholmen.