Nidaros Cathedral
Photo: Holger Uwe Schmitt, Wikimedia commons

Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral is the church where St. Olav is buried, a goal for pilgrims, the church where Norway’s kings are crowned — and Norway's national shrine.

About Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral is the world's northernmost Gothic cathedral. The cathedral was built over the tomb of St. Olav, the Viking King who Christianized Norway and who became the nation’s eternal king.

Nidaros Cathedral was begun in 1070 and finished in all its glory around the year 1300. The cathedral was struck by several fires in the Middle Ages and lay partly in ruins from the Reformation until the end of the 19th century. At this time, the Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop (NDR) was created to restore the cathedral as a national symbol. The restoration of the Nidaros Cathedral was officially completed in 2000, but 23 craftsmen still work at the NDR on restoration and maintenance of the cathedral.